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Best Squirrel Repellents (Ways To Keep Them AWAY)

A squirrel repellent is the ultimate solution to combat the invasion of these furry creatures in your outdoor spaces. With their love for chewing and digging, squirrels can cause significant damage, but fear not! In this ultimate guide, I’ll walk you through the world of effective squirrel repellents, providing you with the knowledge to bid adieu to these little invaders.

Squirrel repellent refers to products designed to deter squirrels from chewing or digging in specific areas. It usually comes in liquid and granular forms, which can be applied directly to surfaces or sprinkled in flower pots or beds. The repellent works by emitting a smell and taste that squirrels find unpleasant, thereby discouraging their presence. Some formulations also contain natural stickers, making them rain-resistant for longer-lasting effectiveness. These repellents offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution to protect various outdoor spaces from squirrel damage.

In recent years also a number of high tech repellents for squirrels have been developed. The most effective ones are based on ultrasounds and are activated by motion.

Squirrel Repellent: Effective Ways to Keep Squirrels Away

Are you tired of those mischievous squirrels wreaking havoc in your yard and garden? Well, fret no more! We have compiled a list of effective squirrel repellents that will help you keep those pesky critters at bay. Understanding squirrel behavior and habits is key to finding the right solutions for squirrel control. So, let’s dive into the world of squirrels and explore the various methods to keep them away!

Understanding Squirrel Behavior and Habits

Before we discuss the repellents, it’s important to understand the behavior and habits of squirrels. These agile creatures are known for their love of digging, chewing, and causing havoc in our outdoor spaces. Squirrels are attracted to areas with an abundant food supply, such as bird feeders, gardens, and fruit trees. They are also notorious for seeking shelter in attics, crawl spaces, and wall voids. By understanding their behavior patterns, we can effectively deter them from these areas.

Non-Lethal Repellents to Keep Squirrels Away

In the quest to keep pesky squirrels away from your garden or attic, there are numerous non-lethal repellents that can come to your rescue. These ingenious concoctions will make those squirrels scratch their furry little heads and think twice before invading your space. From spicy deterrents like chili peppers and hot sauce to pungent odors like predator urine and mothballs, there is no shortage of creative options to keep those bushy-tailed nuisances at bay. So bid farewell to the squirrel invasion and give these repellents a whirl!

  1. Spicy deterrents like chili peppers and hot sauce
  2. Pungent odors such as predator urine and mothballs
  3. Squirrel repelling plants

The Anti-Squirrel Plants

Physical Barriers to Prevent Access

The Best Squirrel-Proof Barriers

If you want to take a more proactive approach to squirrel control, physical barriers are an excellent option. These barriers prevent squirrels from accessing specific areas, minimizing the risk of damage to your property.

  • One effective physical barrier is installing squirrel-proof fencing around your garden or flower beds. This type of fencing has small openings that squirrels cannot squeeze through, keeping them out of your prized plants.
  • Another option is using metal or plastic mesh to cover openings in attics, crawl spaces, and vents. This prevents squirrels from entering your home and causing damage to your property.
  • Trimming tree branches that hang close to your house can also act as a natural deterrent, as it reduces the squirrels’ access to your roof and attic.
  • By implementing these physical barriers, you can significantly reduce squirrel-related damage and protect your property.

Natural Deterrents to Scare Away Squirrels

If you prefer a more natural approach to squirrel control, there are several deterrents that can scare away these furry intruders.

  • Decoy of predators like owls are usually quite effective at deterring squirrels. Just make sure to periodically move them around your garden or the squirrels may get used to their presence.
  • One effective natural deterrent is using predator urine. You can find commercially available products that replicate the scent of predators like foxes or coyotes. Sprinkling these deterrents around your yard or garden creates the illusion of a predator presence, causing squirrels to steer clear.
  • Additionally, planting squirrel-repellent plants, such as daffodils or hyacinths, can deter squirrels. These plants contain natural toxins that squirrels dislike, making your garden less appealing to them.

Electronic Solutions for Removing Squirrels

The Best Squirrel Repellent

If you’re looking for high-tech solutions, electronic repellents can be a great addition to your squirrel control arsenal.

  • Electronic repellents rely on sight to activate and deter squirrels. These devices emit flashing lights or use predator-like movement to startle squirrels and discourage them from entering the protected area.
  • Another natural option is utilizing noise and motion-activated devices. These devices emit high-frequency sounds (ultrasounds) or use motion sensors to startle squirrels when they approach. This sudden disturbance disrupts their comfort zone and encourages them to find a new area to explore.
  • However, it’s important to note that electronic solutions may be more effective for larger animals, such as raccoons, and may not be as effective for smaller squirrels. Therefore, using electronic solutions in combination with other repellents is recommended for comprehensive squirrel control.

Squirrel-proof bird feeders

Oh, these squirrel-proof bird feeders, let me tell you, they can be a lifesaver for gardeners who are tired of those pesky squirrels invading their gardens. These contraptions are like Fort Knox for our feathery friends, making it nearly impossible for squirrels to swipe their tasty treats.

Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

Best Spinning Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

Best Cage Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

With their clever designs, squirrel-proof bird feeders use all sorts of barriers, like metal cages or weight-activated mechanisms, to keep the furry critters at bay. It’s like a superhero shield, protecting the bird seed from greedy squirrel paws. So if you’re longing for a peaceful, squirrel-free garden to admire your floral wonders, get yourself one of these squirrel-proof bird feeders and watch those squirrels scatter!

If you already have a bird feeder and don’t want to replace it, then you can simply use one of the baffles below to deter squirrels:

The Best Squirrel-Proof Baffles

Poles are also effective in making your existing bird feeders impossible to be reached by squirrels:

The Best Squirrel-Proof Poles

Safe and Effective Use of Repellents

When using squirrel repellents, it’s essential to follow the instructions carefully to ensure safe and effective use.

Uniting these two potent repellents yields unparalleled protection for an array of cherished treasures – safeguarding flower pots, planters, bulbs, trees, and a multitude of other valuable assets.

Case Studies and Success Stories of Repelling Squirrels

Still not convinced that squirrel repellents work? Let us share some inspiring case studies and success stories that prove their effectiveness!

  1. One homeowner, frustrated with squirrels constantly raiding their bird feeders, used a combination of squirrel proof bird feeders, non-lethal repellents and physical barriers to keep the squirrels at bay. With these effective methods in place, the homeowner was finally able to enjoy watching the birds without the constant squirrel interruptions.
  2. Another success story involves a gardener who was constantly battling squirrels digging up their flower beds. By using natural deterrents and creating well-placed physical barriers, the gardener successfully maintained squirrel-free gardens, preserving the beauty and integrity of their plants.
  3. These case studies highlight the effectiveness of squirrel repellents when used correctly and in combination with other control methods. By integrating these repellents into your squirrel management plan, you too can achieve a squirrel-free environment.

So there you have it! A comprehensive guide on squirrel repellents and effective methods to keep these furry intruders away. Whether you choose non-lethal repellents, physical barriers, natural deterrents, or electronic solutions, the key is to find the approach that works best for your specific situation. With persistence and the right repellents in hand, you can reclaim your yard and garden from squirrel invasion!


So there you have it – the ultimate guide to saying goodbye to squirrel invasions! With the help of effective squirrel repellents, you can finally reclaim your outdoor spaces and bid farewell to those pesky critters. Whether you choose a liquid spray or granular form, these repellents offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution to protect your flower pots, beds, and any other areas you want to keep squirrel-free.

With their unpleasant smells and tastes, squirrel repellents deter these furry culprits from chewing or digging in specific areas. Plus, some formulations even contain natural stickers to keep them rain-resistant, ensuring longer-lasting effectiveness. So why wait? Invest in squirrel repellent today and enjoy a squirrel-free environment once and for all!

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