Do Possums Eat Squirrels? Discover the Answer Here!

Squirrels are a favorite among nature enthusiasts and have featured in people‘s lives for years, but do possums enjoy them as much? If you’re looking for answers about the possibility of possums eating squirrels, this article is here to help. We’ll take an in-depth look at what science has to say about their diet, offer tips on how best to keep your garden safe from them, and so much more. So let’s get started and uncover the truth!

Possums are opportunistic scavengers and will eat both plants and animals. This includes squirrels as they provide an easy source of food. Possums have been known to prey on small mammals, such as squirrels, as well as birds, eggs, insects and carrion. By being able to exploit a wide range of food sources, possums are highly successful predators in most ecosystems.

Do Possums Eat Squirrels?

Possums are highly opportunistic animals and will opportunistically consume whatever food is available. Squirrels are an easy source of food for possums, making them a frequent target. But do possums hunt squirrels or simply take advantage of their carcasses?

Possums are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. They are primarily herbivorous but also consume small amounts of meat when it is available. This is why possums can often be seen scavenging for dead animals, including squirrels.

What Do Possums Eat?

Possums are primarily herbivorous, so their diet consists mostly of fruits, nuts and vegetation. They have been observed eating mice and other small animals such as chickens, frogs and lizards. Though baby squirrels may sometimes fall prey to a possum’s sharp claws and long tail, the presence of plenty of plant-based food will discourage them from hunting.

Additionally, if there is a plentiful supply of nuts and fruit near the garden where the animal lives, opossums may deter squirrels from visiting by climbing into trees throughout the area to get at the food themselves.

Are Possums Dangerous To Squirrels?

Though it is possible for a possum to kill a squirrel by clawing or biting its neck, this is not likely unless the animal is exceptionally hungry and has no other option. While possums do have predatory attributes allowing them to kill small creatures like rodents, in most cases they peacefully coexist alongside them.

If food resources are scarce though, it may happen that a possum goes after a baby squirrel or even an adult one if it seems especially vulnerable. In this case it would be wise to take measures to ensure there’s enough food in your garden so any hungry possums won’t be tempted to make a meal out of wild critters lurking nearby.

What Other Animals Eat Squirrels?

  • Coyotes
  • Foxes
  • Hawks
  • Owls

These carnivorous creatures hunt down and feed on small rodents like squirrels regularly. Having pre-existing burrows closeby can also make squirrels more vulnerable as these places provide safety from large predators while being easily accessibly through digging.

What Do Possums Use To Trap Prey?

Unlike some other predators such as cats which use their sharp claws or birds which swoop down on unsuspecting prey from above, possums rely mostly on their sense of smell together with lightning-fast reflexes to obtain sustenance. Possums capitalize on their advanced olfactory capabilities to locate sources of nourishment which they then investigate using their hands and powerfully curved claws. Furthermore, they can twist their bodies at an incredible speed when they sense danger giving them an edge over many predators in terms of escape tactics.

What Do Baby Possums Eat?

Baby possums stay with their mother in her pouch for around 80 days, learning to feed on solid foods like fruits and small insects. During this time, they also drink milk from momma possum’s teats and consume regurgitated food until they are able to hunt independently.

Do Possums Eat Dead Squirrels?

Though possums do not make a regular practice of it, they have been known to dine on dead squirrels when food sources are scarce. This only happens when times are tough and other more nutritious meals like plants are hard to come by. Possums will not actively search out rodents as their normal diet is much healthier than what can be found in a deceased animal.


Can a possum consume the carcass of another possum?

Opossums are omnivorous creatures, with a diet that includes both plant and animal material. However, due to their size and the scarcity of prey, opossums rarely attack or consume other animals. While it is not common for opossums to eat dead possums, certain circumstances could lead to this behavior. These include starvation, an absence of other food sources, and scavenging on the corpse of another opossum.

Does a possum consume a domestic cat as part of its diet?

Possums are scavengers, so they may try to eat cats if given an opportunity. However, possums usually shy away from confrontations with animals larger than themselves, such as cats. Given the opportunity and if their food sources are scarce, a possum may attempt to take on a cat or another small animal.

Could a possum consume the remains of a deceased cat?

Opossums are omnivorous animals, which means they will eat both plants and meat. They will eat a wide variety of food sources, including insects, birds, eggs and small mammals. Some opossums may scavenge on the carcasses of dead animals, including cats. Therefore, it is possible that an opossum may consume a dead cat in some circumstances.

Do possums feed on other deceased animals?

Opossums are not predators, instead they are scavengers who feed off of the carcasses of dead animals. They will eat a variety of other animals including insects, reptiles, birds and amphibians. The opossum also has been known to eat small mammals such as mice and rats when food is scarce. They have adapted to eating whatever is available and have even been observed eating garbage from abandoned campsites.


In conclusion, it is clear that possums can and do eat squirrels. Squirrels provide an easy source of food for them, which makes them a favorite prey. Additionally, because they are opportunistic scavengers, they will also eat other small mammals, birds, eggs, insects and carrion. It’s important to remember that any animals that we keep in our gardens need adequate protection if there is a chance of possums coming into our gardens.

Protecting your garden from potential predators like possums is vital if you want to keep your garden looking beautiful and safe for the animals that live there. You can install fencing in all areas where possums may be able to enter. If fencing isn’t possible, then motion-activated lights or sound deterrents can help keep them away. So the answer to the question “Do Possums Eat Squirrels?” is yes, but with proper precautions in place, you can protect your garden from potential attacks.

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