Do Snakes Eat Squirrels? Get to Know their Diets!

As an experienced nature lover, I have been observing squirrels from all around the world and studying their behavior. I have noticed that snakes usually do not eat squirrels. But why is that? What do snakes actually eat? Are there any dangers for squirrels to watch out for in the wild? In this blog post, I will answer those questions and more.

No, typically snakes do not eat squirrels. While some larger snakes may feed on smaller rodents such as mice and voles, they usually avoid the bigger sizes that squirrels possess. In their natural habitats, squirrels are actually quite adept at avoiding the attacks of a snake, since they are much more agile and can quickly run up a tree or climb away—far out of the reach of most snakes. However, snakes can eat baby squirrels if they have the opportunity.

Overview of Squirrels and Snakes in the Wild

Squirrels and snakes are two very different animals that share a similar environment. Squirrels live as an integral part of their eco-system, thriving in forests, grasslands, and many other habitats in the wild. Meanwhile, snakes occupy these same areas, preying on small animals and insects to survive.

These two species may seem unrelated at first glance, but there is evidence that suggests a more complex relationship between them. While it’s true that adult squirrels usually have no problem avoiding snake attacks due to their speed and agility, certain types of smaller squirrels are vulnerable to predation by certain types of larger snakes.

Types of Interactions Between Squirrels and Snakes

Interactions That Do Not Result in Preying

In the wild, interactions between squirrels and snakes are quite rare. Most commonly, they keep their distance from one another out of fear or caution. In some cases however, they can be seen playing or chasing one another without any desire to hunt.

  • Squirrels do occasionally scare off larger snakes from their territory, though this is not often seen.
  • Adult squirrels are incredibly agile and use this to their advantage when dealing with a snake attack.
  • Certain types of smaller squirrels such as chipmunks may take refuge in burrows for protection against potential predators like snakes.

Interactions That May Lead to Preying

Snakes are a real danger to certain types of squirrels, as they can be fatally attacked. Unfortunately, some species have a much higher risk of being taken by a snake than others. Even though there are precautions that some squirrels can take, snakes remain one of their most feared predators.

For example, Spotted ground squirrels are known to be especially targeted by rattlesnakes because they are not as fleet-footed as other species that compete for resources in the same habitat. And since ground squirrel burrows provide perfect hiding spots for venomous serpents like copperheads and cottonmouth moccasins – these rodents often become easy prey for slithering predators looking for an easy meal.

Evidence of Squirrels and Snakes Preying Upon Each Other

Snakes and squirrels are both populous members of the natural world, but what happens when they come into contact with each other? Reports of snakes preying on squirrels have been documented by park rangers in the wild. Some species of snakes, such as boa constrictors, king cobras, and rat snakes, have also been observed to attempt to eat smaller squirrels. On rare occasions, some larger python or boa constrictor species have even been known to successfully capture and consume squirrels.

While snakes and squirrels rarely prey upon each other, there are some instances where evidence suggests otherwise. For example: in Florida the eastern diamondback rattlesnakes were observed eating squirrels. On the other hand, squirrels can eat small snakes and also snake eggs.


Do snakes have an interest in squirrels?

Snakes generally steer clear of squirrels, as the rodents have a specialized chemical compound in their blood that can protect them from most venomous bites. Furthermore, squirrels can be particularly hostile to snakes, attacking by throwing whatever is nearby and even using their sharp teeth and claws when sufficiently provoked. For this reason, it’s unsurprising that slithering reptiles often try to stay far away from these furry critters.

Is it possible for ground squirrels to kill snakes?

Ground squirrels may be able to deter snakes, but they are not strong enough to kill them. Reports show that adult ground squirrels can survive the venom of a snake due to a protein present in their blood. They have also been known to aggressively attack and injure snakes by biting and kicking pebbles at them.

Do squirrels have the ability to fight with snakes?

Squirrels possess an immunity to venom thanks to a special protein in their bloodstream, and are able to fend off encroaching snakes by employing battle tactics such as attacking and rushing them. This allows them to protect themselves in situations where they may otherwise be vulnerable.

  • Biting
  • Kicking gravel

Do ground squirrels have any resistance to rattlesnakes?

Ground squirrels are not completely immune to rattlesnakes, though they are more resistant than other animals. Their blood contains a protein which helps to protect them against venom and they have been known to fight back, using their teeth and kicking debris at snakes.

Do snakes hunt or seek out ground squirrels as prey?

Do ground squirrels act as a draw for snakes? According to Rundus, the answer is no. Adult squirrels contain a protein in their blood which renders them immune to snake venom, and they are even capable of attacking serpents – biting and pelting stones at them. Therefore, snakes have little incentive to pursue this type of prey.

Do squirrels actively pursue and capture snakes as prey?

Are squirrels known to hunt snakes? While their behaviour is not common, there has been evidence of this occurring. According to a telephone conversation with Rundus, adult squirrels contain a protein in their blood that provides protection from the effect of venom – enabling them to challenge snakes. Reports have suggested they may bite and kick gravel at them, attempting to ward off any potential predation.


In conclusion, the answer to the question “Do snakes eat squirrels?” They generally don’t. While some larger and more dangerous snakes may occasionally attempt to feed on these rodents, it is not common for them to successfully hunt down and consume a squirrel.

Squirrels, on the other hand, have developed powerful defenses against potential predators, including some of the most capable snake species. As such, the natural diets of both animals depend on their respective abilities—with snakes opting for smaller prey and squirrels safely away up in trees where they will remain far away from snakes.

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