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10 Best Squirrel Gifts For 2023 (FUN Ideas)

As an avid squirrel lover and enthusiast, I know what unique and thoughtful squirrel gifts that I would love to receive. I also love celebrating the positive traits of my favorite furry creatures through fun and creative squirrel-themed presents.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing the 10 best squirrel gifts that are bound to leave any squirrel lover with a big, bushy smile. Read on for the best squirrel gift ideas!

Best Squirrel Gifts

Here are the top squirrel gifts for him and for her:

1. Squirrel Solar Garden Lights

squirrel gifts - Squirrel Solar Garden Lights

★★★★★ 4.3

The Squirrel Solar Garden Light is a cute gift for squirrel lovers. It is ideal for any outdoor or garden space, such as the patio, balcony, or yard. The light has a waterproof level of IP65, so you won’t have to worry about it being damaged by rain, mist, snow, or frost. 

These lights are solar-powered and have a low voltage of 2v. And despite it having a mini size of 16.7 inches, they offer very bright LED lighting that makes the owl glow beautifully in the outdoor space.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Durable high-quality plastic material


  • Quite small

2. DIHOclub Squirrel Mug

gift for squirrel lovers - Squirrel mu

★★★★★ 4.8

If your loved one is a squirrel lover, then gift them this DIHOclub Squirrel Ceramic Cup. The cup features a 3D design of a squirrel peeking inside; the design is slowly revealed with each sip of the drink. 

To add that extra touch of uniqueness and personalization, the squirrel cup is hand-painted. It is multifunctional and can be used for both hot and cold drinks, such as tea, coffee, juice, iced drinks, and even beer.


  • Eye-catching
  • Safe for the microwave
  • Can be used in the dishwasher


  • It may require more effort to stir inside

3. Squirrel Mouse Pad

squirrel mouse pad

★★★★★ 4.7

This unique mouse pad has a very smooth fabric that works perfectly with all types of mouse. It can be used with a laser mouse, an optical one, or any ordinary wireless mouse.

The Squirrel Mouse Pad is very easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is simply wipe it with a wet cloth to remove dust and spills. It is ideal for daily use in the office, home, or for gaming.


  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Adapts to all surfaces
  • Great locking-color effect


  • Only for people using a mouse

4.  Creative Carving Squirrel Pattern LED Lamp

squirrel themed gift - LED lamp

The Squirrel Pattern LED Lamp is one of the most creative, eye-catching gifts you can give a squirrel lover. It features a hollow squirrel wood sculpture art design with LED lighting.

The sculpture is fitted with a USB power jack that allows it to be connected to a power adapter, a laptop, a desktop, or any other electronic device with a USB connector. The design can be added to any living room, office, dining space, or bedroom to add more mood to the space.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy saving
  • Harmless to the eyes

5. Retro Vintage Squirrel T-Shirt

retro vintage squirrel t-shir

★★★★★ 4.8

Does your loved one wish that they remained friends with their squirrel for life? Well, get them this Retro Vintage Squirrel T-Shirt that says “Best Friends for Life.” The t-shirt has a vintage style and can be worn by anyone; men, women, boys, and girls. 

The Retro Squirrel T-shirt comes in multiple solid colors made of 100% cotton material and Heather Grey which consists of 90% cotton and 10% polyester material.


  • Lightweight
  • Classic fit
  • Machine wash

6. Squirrel Earrings

squirrel gifts for her - earrings

★★★★★ 4.5

These cute opal squirrel studs are suitable for daily wear. Just like squirrels bring their owners joy and sunshine in their lives, these delicate feminine studs also add charm and elegance to the wearers. They are lightweight and, hence, very comfortable on the ears.

What’s even better, these Squirrel Earrings are hypoallergenic and can be worn even by those with sensitive ears. It is the perfect gift for mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, daughters, and any teen friends.


  • Durable
  • Great packaging
  • Doesn’t tarnish over time


  • It may be smaller than it looks in the picture
  • The pink opal option is not as bright

7. Squirrel Bookmark

squirrel themed gifts - bookmark

★★★★★ 4.7

The AKTAP Squirrel Bookmark is the perfect gift for squirrel lovers who are also bookworms. It is 12.2cm in diameter and can be used for both small-sized and medium-sized books.

The bookmark is made of stainless steel material which ensures that it does not rust when exposed to humid conditions. Besides, it is nickel-free, lead-free and does not tarnish or change color over time.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Attractive


  • Quite small for larger-sized books

8. Squeeze Squirrel Toys

squirrel stress relief toy

★★★★★ 4.3

The Squeeze Squirrel Toy can be used as a toy for relieving stress, fatigue, and pressure. It is made using safe, high-quality material that allows you to squeeze it as hard as you want without it getting damaged.

When squeezed, a firmly-connected squirrel inside the cup pops up. Hence, the toy also helps you constantly remember your precious pet. And since it is made of non-toxic, silicone material, you can trust that the toy will be safe for your kids, pets and other people.


  • Cute and adorable
  • It can be used by kids aged 3+


  • In the long run, the joint between the log and the squirrel may separate 

9. Squirrel Cosmetic Bag

squirrel cosmetic bag

★★★★★ 4.9

This cosmetic bag for squirrel lovers is made of thick, sturdy canvas material that ensures its durability. Measuring 9 inches by 6.7 inches, the bag is just the right size for storing makeup, jewelry, electronics and other valuables. 

The Squirrel Cosmetic Bag is compact and very lightweight, making it easy to carry. Simply fit it in your handbag and suitcase and carry it anywhere you go for convenience. And the best part about it is that the bag comes in a wide range of patterns and themes, giving you plenty of choices to choose from.


  • Beautiful, double-sided printing
  • Extra large storage space
  • Can also be used for keeping kid’s toys

10. Squirrels Keychain

squirrel keyring

★★★★★ 4.9

The SEIRAA Squirrels Keychain is made of stainless steel material. It does not tarnish, change color or rust with time; rather, it maintains its eye-catching quality color and design. The surface is also polished to ensure a smooth surface that is comfortable to hold and does not rub against the hands.

The squirrel keychain is also multifunctional. Not only does it provide a great keyring pendant, but it can also be used as a beautiful accessory to your purse or bag. It is the ideal gift for friends and loved ones who are obsessed with squirrels.


  • Customizable
  • Adorable
  • Does not tarnish


Finding unique squirrel gifts for squirrel lovers and enthusiasts is easy and fun. With so many creative options to choose from. From home accents to clothing and accessories showcasing their favorite woodland creatures, you’re sure to discover the perfect squirrel present with the above list of the best squirrel gifts.

Gift ideas range from squirrel solar garden lights to squirrel mugs and keyrings commemorating their passion. And don’t forget playful squirrel-themed decor, jewelry, apparel, and edibles for both delighting their inner squirrel lover and making a meaningful impression.