Can Squirrels Get High From Weed? (VIDEO)

As a nature lover, I have been fascinated by squirrels for many years. During my years of observing and interacting with these animals all over the world, I have often pondered if it were possible for them to get high from simply being in contact with cannabis. In this article, I will explore the truth behind this psychedelic encounter – can squirrels really get high from weed?

Can squirrels get high from weed? While research is limited, there have been some reports of animals seeming to be affected by cannabis. In the case of squirrels, however, it is unclear whether or not they can become intoxicated due to their size and physiological differences from humans. Some experts suggest that a very small dose of THC may not be harmful for a squirrel, although recreational use of cannabis should always be avoided as it can be dangerous for any animal.

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The Scientific Evidence

Physiological Effects

When considering the effects of marijuana, or cannabinoids more generally, on physiological functions it is important to consider both animal and human studies. Animal studies are often used as a starting point for understanding how the body might respond to certain substances, in this case cannabinoids, before further research can be conducted in humans.

Due to the differing anatomies and biology between species, it is not always possible to correctly gauge the impact of marijuana usage across different animals. However, it has been observed that many substances have a similar effect on mammals as they do on humans. Thus, animal studies typically provide insights into the working of drugs that cannot be obtained through clinical trials involving humans.

Chronic Effects of THC

It was once thought that there were no therapeutic benefits associated with THC. However, over the past 16 years there have been groundbreaking discoveries concerning cannabinoids and the potential medical benefits they may offer.

By studying mice models and rats with synthetic or plant derived forms of THC researchers have identified connections between cannabis use and improved memory functioning in aged rodents as well as an increase in brain plasticity. Moreover, these same experiments showed decreases in anxiety when exposed to stressors induced by THC.

Cannabinoids and the Immune System

The immune system functions like a personal protection service which guards us from foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. Though research is currently limited into how cannabinoids interact with our bodies’ natural defense mechanisms recent investigations are beginning to shed light on this complex relationship.

Cannabinoids like THC can have very different effects on the activity of certain immune cells. Depending on the type of cell, they can either strengthen or weaken its response.

Possible Implications of Marijuana Use in Squirrels

Reports have recently surfaced regarding two men based in Pennsylvania who were allegedly caught hunting under the influence of marijuana while attempting to target squirrels specifically. This incident has sparked further debate surrounding whether wildlife, such as squirrels, can experience an intoxication-like state after contact with cannabis smoke or ingesting related products.

Given the size and physiology of squirrels, it’s difficult to assess any potential harm from coming into contact with marijuana. Sadly, recreational use of any drug puts animals at risk, therefore caution should always be taken when introducing them to cannabis or any other substance.


What are the effects of a dog taking too much of a psychoactive substance?

If a dog indulges in too much cannabis, it can result in serious medical complications. Symptoms can range from decreased movement and lethargy to an increased body core temperature, difficulty breathing, and an absence of appetite.

Left untreated, these adverse effects can quickly become life-threatening and may result in death. If you suspect your canine friend has been exposed to marijuana, get them veterinary help immediately.

Does inhaling smoke have an intoxicating effect on cats?

Smoking cannabis can have a negative effect on cats, as it can cause them to become intoxicated. This intoxication can manifest itself in multiple ways, such as reduced movement, lethargy, decreased appetite and even breathing difficulties. As such, care should be taken to ensure that cats are not subjected to cannabis smoke and the associated risks of intoxication.


In conclusion, there is not enough evidence to conclusively answer the question of whether or not squirrels can get high from weed. While some experts believe that a very small dose might not be harmful for these animals, recreational use should definitely be avoided as it could cause them serious harm. It is important to remember that cannabis should never be given to any animal without consulting a vet first.

All in all, the jury is still out when it comes to determining if can squirrels get high from weed. If you are concerned about your pet‘s safety, it is best to avoid offering cannabis products and speak to a professional if there are ever any concerns. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your veterinarian to decide what’s best for your little furry friend.

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