Unbelievable! Do Squirrels Eat Duck Eggs? Find Out Now!

As a nature enthusiast and longtime squirrel watcher, I’ve asked myself many times “Do squirrels eat duck eggs?” After doing extensive research, I can tell you that it is indeed possible for squirrels to consume duck eggs! Keep reading to learn more about this remarkable behavior of these adorable creatures.

Squirrels are omnivorous creatures that typically eat a wide range of items. Though they are not known to actively seek out duck eggs, they may consume them if they come across them while foraging. Some other items squirrels commonly eat include:

Do Squirrels Eat Duck Eggs?

Squirrels are omnivorous creatures that typically eat a wide range of items. Though they are not known to actively seek out duck eggs, they may consume them if they come across them while foraging. While squirrels rarely eat duck eggs, the emotional intelligence of these rodents can make them a formidable foe for ducks trying to protect their eggs.

Baby birds are especially vulnerable to predation from squirrels.

Why Would A Squirrel Eat Duck Eggs?

Red and gray squirrels can become quite bold around human dwellings and birdhouses, sometimes raiding even fully occupied nest boxes. They usually focus on easy meals like uncovered birdseed or fledgling chicks, but it’s not uncommon for them to snack on duck eggs if they happen to raid a nest with eggs already hatched.

Some other items squirrels commonly eat include fruits, nuts (such as acorns and pine nuts), berries, seeds, insects and spiders. Some species even consume avian ovum – the scientific name for bird eggsmeaning that duck eggs are fair game in some cases.

Can Squirrels Eat Bird Seed?

Bird seed is another common item found in many backyard feeders. Since bird seed is easy to access and doesn’t require much work to acquire it’s no surprise that this is a favorite meal amongst squirrels. However, depending on the mix of seed you’re using, it may contain hulled sunflower seeds which can be difficult for squirrels to digest due to their hard shells.

Alternatively, there are varieties of wild animal food specifically designed for garden wildlife such as squirrels; these products often contain nutritionally beneficial components like peanuts or dried fruit which can help sustain our furry friends during cold winter months.

Do Squirrels Attack Birds?

In the wild, red and gray squirrel activity tends to scare away small birds such as blue tits or wrens; however large birds like crows might actually drive off the squirrel instead! There have been reports of gray squirrels attacking blackbirds or robins near feeders, but this isn’t something we would normally encounter and usually only happens when food is scarce or competition is rife.

When it comes to baby birds however we need to be very cautious – while attacks are rare they do occur and mother birds will often abandon their young if they feel threatened by a predator – leaving the chicks at risk.

Do Squirrels Attack Baby Birds?

It’s worth noting that although baby birds may still hatch safely in a nest box despite the presence of a hungry rodent; an adult bird won’t always react in time if an attack does occur and since baby birds don’t have full feathers, yet it makes them an easier target.

For this reason extra precautions should be taken such as ensuring nesting boxes have securely fitted roofs, restricting access points by adding wire mesh barriers and occasionally inspecting nests for signs of rodent activity (gnaw marks etc.). Cleaning feeding stations regularly also helps reduce possible food sources for rodents thereby reducing the potential risk posed by predators.

Do Squirrels Attack Bird Boxes?

In addition to eating birdseed squirrels may also damage wooden bird boxes by gnawing at entrance holes or tearing away at roofing felt. A simple solution here would be investing in plastic nesting boxes – these are far less attractive to rodents due to their waterproof exterior – making them safer than traditional wooden designs.

How To Protect Your Duck Eggs From Squirrels?

Tips To Stop Squirrels From Eating Bird Eggs

There are various methods which can discourage predators from stealing your feathered friends’ eggs including: placing fake egg replicas inside the nest box (squirrels assess each individual egg before consuming so fake ones tend act as deterrent); covering boughts with netting (to restrict entry) or use grease-repelling tape around nesting boxes; introducing natural repellents such as garlic cloves & chilli pepper flakes; establishing decoy nests nearby (if you’re lucky enough!); employing motion activated sprinklers or attaching noise emitters around areas where birds nest.

How To Protect Your Backyard Birds And Your Bird Houses

Finally remember that regardless of whether your backyard visitors lay exposed eggs or not maintaining cleanliness is key when trying protect any citizen of your garden! Regularly remove old bedding material from hatched nests because damp materials create ideal conditions for microbes & parasites; plus keeping feeders free from spilled grains & husks makes life harder for scavenging rodents.


So, to answer the question of do squirrels eat duck eggs? The answer is yes. Squirrels may consume duck eggs if they come across them while foraging. That being said, this is not a common occurrence as squirrels have plenty of other food sources that are easier to access. It should also be noted that squirrels usually prefer eating fruits and nuts.

Additionally, it’s important to take steps to keep your duck eggs safe from hungry squirrels. Make sure you use secure storage for your duck eggs and always monitor their whereabouts. With these tips in mind, you can be sure that your duck eggs will stay safe from any scavenging squirrels.

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