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Do Squirrels Eat Bunnies? Find Out The Shocking Truth!

I, an avid wildlife lover, have spent many years observing squirrels and interacting with them to understand their behavior. So, when I hear people ask, “Do squirrels eat bunnies?” my answer is a confident yes. Even though this behavior may seem very adverse to our human instincts, it is important to explore the truth behind those rodents.

Yes, squirrels are known to eat bunnies in certain situations. Squirrels are omnivores and scavengers, meaning they will feed on a variety of sources including fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, insects, small birds and mammals including baby bunnies. It is especially seen during the period when food is scarce or hard to find.

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Do Squirrels Eat Bunnies?

Many people wonder whether squirrels eat bunnies or not, and the answer is yes. Though smaller than their mammalian cousins, squirrels are still predatory animals and will take advantage of any opportunity to feed on small prey – such as a baby bunny.

The Predator-Prey Relationship

Squirrels naturally hunt their food, and there is no shortage of potential prey in the wild. Small mammals like rabbits represent a viable source of food for hungry squirrels, even if they are not necessarily accustomed to hunting these particular animals.

Predatory behavior is instinctive for most animals, and this definitely applies to squirrels. If the opportunity arises for a squirrel to hunt and kill a bunny, it will do so without hesitation. Whether it’s out of necessity or simply opportunistic behavior, squirrels can become aggressive predators when it comes to feeding on small mammals.

The Feeding Habits Of Squirrels

While bunnies may form part of the diet of certain species of squirrels, these rodents generally prefer more typical sources of sustenance. Fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, insects and other small creatures make up the bulk of what a typical squirrel consumes.

The Predatory Behavior Of Squirrels

Though usually content with scavenging or gathering nuts from trees and bushes, certain conditions may lead some squirrel species to become more aggressive hunters. A sudden decrease in available resources has been known to trigger bouts of hunting among both red and gray foxes.

In areas where rabbits are plentiful, these critters may be an easy target for hungry squirrels. When faced with limited food options or increased competition from other species, some species may turn to hunting rabbits as a means of survival.

The Meal Consumption By Squirrels

Generally speaking, adult rabbits should pose little threat to a hungry group of squirrels. Baby bunnies can easily be overpowered by just one adult predator. Once captured, these animals can be killed swiftly.

Nibbling – Smaller prey like bunnies are often eaten alive by larger predators like cats or owls; however this isn’t typically the case with squirrels. Instead they usually “nibble” at their victim until its dead before consuming it entirely.

Chewing – Chewing aids digestion; that’s why most predators don’t swallow whole chunks but instead break them into smaller bits before consumption.

Consumption – Once sufficiently broken down into pieces that can be swallowed more easily by the predator (in this case a squirrel), the animal can then proceed to consume its meal quickly.

The Carnivorous Nature Of Squirrels

Though not strictly carnivorous like cats or wolves, many species of squirrel have been known to feed on other animals in times of need. This includes small reptiles, amphibians, birds, lizards, insects, rodents, and occasionally even young chicks. In addition, some face extreme competition from other mammals in their habitat. This can result in them turning to preying on smaller – sized counterparts such as baby bunnies.

Preventing Squirrels From Eating Bunnies

The best way to prevent your pet bunny from becoming a meal for a wild rodent is by providing adequate shelter. Neglecting your pet rabbit will only increase its vulnerability against potential predators. Apart from that, you can also use exclusion tactics like installing fence around your property or covering vents that may lead inside your home. Another approach could be reducing access points like sealing off any holes where they might find entry beneath your house’s foundation. Lastly, always remember that prevention is better than cure!

The Impact Of Squirrels On Rabbits

While it’s true that some species may rely heavily on scavenging fruits and nuts as part of their diet, there could still be significant impacts due to predation rates that arise when rival mammal populations vie for limited resources. The presence of large groups of carnivorous rodents could potentially cause an imbalance in the delicate ecosystem. Therefore, it’s important for us humans to keep track of interactions between wild animals, so we can learn how our actions might affect different aspects within nature.


Do squirrels pose a threat to bunnies?

Squirrels are unlikely to attack bunnies. The Sciuridae subfamily is distantly related to rabbits, so cross-breeding between the two species is not possible. While red squirrels may eat other squirrels as a source of food, they are not known to hunt or otherwise engage in hostile activity towards bunnies.

Which animal has more physical strength, a rabbit or a squirrel?

Rabbits and squirrels are both small mammals and while they share a few common traits, they differ in strength. Generally, rabbits are known to have more endurance due to their size and agility, whereas squirrels have stronger musculature. In fact, a squirrel is able to jump vertically about two meters into the air and swim for extended periods of time. Therefore, it can be said that squirrels possess greater strength than rabbits in terms of physical ability.

Which animal can run faster: a squirrel or a rabbit?

Comparing the speed of a squirrel and a rabbit is like comparing apples to oranges. Both animals have different sets of features that make them incredibly fast. Depending on the species, some rabbits are able to hop up to 30 mph, while squirrels can reach bursts of speeds up to 25 mph. However, when it comes to sustained running, rabbits tend to be faster than squirrels. Therefore, the answer is that rabbits are generally faster than squirrels.

Is it possible for rabbits and squirrels to breed together?

The relationship between rabbits and red squirrels is too distant for them to be able to mate. Cross-breeding between species that belong to different families simply isn’t possible, as the two would not be genetically compatible. Chickadees, which are a type of squirrel, cannot cross-breed with rabbits either.


It is clear that in certain situations, do squirrels eat bunnies. This occurs when food sources are scarce or hard to find, or when their environment is threatened in some way. While it may seem odd to think of these small rodents having a taste for something as fluffy and adorable as bunnies, it is a behavior that is evidenced by research.

However, it’s important to remember that squirrels mostly consume plant-based foods. Eating bunnies is usually only done in extreme situations and does not represent the usual diet of these creatures. Despite their reputation for dining on baby bunnies, most of the time squirrels will stick to fruits and nuts.

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