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Do Squirrels Eat Baby Squirrels? Here’s the Shocking Truth!

As a wildlife enthusiast, I have been fascinated with squirrels for years, including observing their behavior. Whether or not they eat baby squirrels is one that I have often asked myself. With reports of male red squirrels attacking and consuming the pups they kill, it can be a shocking truth!

Squirrels are small, tree-dwelling rodents of the family Sciuridae. They are native to many parts of the world and live in a variety of habitats. Red squirrels can be found throughout North America, from Alaska to Mexico. In some cases, male red squirrels have been observed attacking younger members of their species. It has also been reported that these males sometimes consume the pups they have killed.

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Do Squirrels Eat Baby Squirrels?

Most of us know that squirrels usually feed on nuts and seeds, but do they eat other animals too? While some species of squirrels may be omnivorous, the consensus is that most squirrels do not prey on other animals. However, there have been cases reported in which male red squirrels have attacked and even consumed baby squirrels.

What Is The Typical Squirrel Diet?

The diet of a typical squirrel depends largely on its habitat and geographical location. Generally speaking, most species of tree-dwelling squirrels enjoy a diet of nuts, fruits, fungi, insects, and sometimes small vertebrates. Their diets also tend to vary with the season – during certain times of year they will eat more fruits or nuts than normal.

Although they may occasionally eat insects, their primary source of protein is typically nut-based. In addition to their dietary staples, they can be opportunistic feeders who don’t mind scavenging for food when necessary.

Do Squirrels Prey On Other Animals?

In general, most species of squirrel are not considered predatory animals. Instead, they are often seen as peaceful creatures who are just trying to survive in the wild. That said, there have been reports that certain types of squirrels—particularly red squirrels—have resorted to preying on smaller creatures in order to survive.

In some cases, male red squirrels have exhibited aggressive behavior towards juvenile members of their own species. This aggression can take many forms ranging from chasing after small creatures to consuming them whole.

Do Squirrels Eat Baby Birds?

There have been scattered reports that some types of squirrel will prey on baby birds. This behavior is generally attributed to desperate times or an overpopulation issue in which the supply of food sources is insufficient, and the animals must resort to attacking other creatures in order to survive. As such, it’s a phenomenon that is rarely observed outside extreme weather conditions or extreme overcrowding amongst one species.

Do Squirrels Eat Baby Rabbits?

Some red squirrels have been known to hunt and eat rabbits, including their offspring. While this behavior may seem shocking, it’s important to understand that many predators, including squirrels, are opportunistic feeders who will take advantage of available prey when available.

Rabbits are not a regular part of a red squirrel’s diet; however, under certain circumstances, such as if there is an abundance of young rabbits, or if an adult female has been killed or otherwise unable to produce enough young on its own, then a male might take the opportunity to hunt for its own sustenance.

Do Squirrels Eat Other Squirrels?

In the wild, certain types of small rodents, including squirrels, are known to exhibit predatory behavior towards other small animals. It has been reported that male red squirrels have been observed attacking younger members of their species, sometimes consuming the pups they have killed in the process.

This type of infanticide is a common occurrence among animals in the wild and is thought to be reflective of competition for resources within a given population. However, it’s worth noting that cannibalism is not a regular part of the diet of any species.

Do Squirrels Have Parenting Instincts?

Despite reports that male red squirrels may commit infanticide against other members of their species when resources are limited, research suggests that both male and female red squirrels possess strong parenting instincts and will protect and nurture their young.

In order to survive, baby squirrels rely on help from their mothers. They learn important survival tactics by watching their mother’s behaviors and mimicking her actions. A mother also provides food for her litter until they’re old enough to forage for themselves.

What Does The Evidence Say?

The evidence indicates that while male red squirrels may occasionally consume baby rabbits or other small animals during times of extreme scarcity, such occurrences are not common nor considered typical behavior for these creatures. In fact, studies have found that infant red squirrel mortality rate due to predation is relatively low in comparison with those caused by other factors such as disease and injury.

Additionally, research into the behavior patterns of these mammals indicates a clear preference for obtaining food through natural means such as foraging and scavenging over preying upon other living creatures.


The truth about whether squirrels eat baby squirrels is both fascinating and disturbing. While male red squirrels have been known to attack and consume pups of their species, this is not typical behavior for the species as a whole. In most cases, squirrels are gentle creatures that rely on teamwork and collaboration to survive in their habitats. So while it may be disheartening to think that they sometimes resort to cannibalism, it doesn’t reflect badly on them as a whole.

To answer the question, do squirrels eat baby squirrels? Yes, there have been instances where male red squirrels have killed and eaten young of their own species. It’s important to remember though, that while this happens occasionally, it’s not something typically seen in most parts of the world. Furthermore, the majority of squirrels rely on cooperation within their communities to survive – making them an interesting species for further study.

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