Do Squirrels Eat Deer Corn? The Reality Behind This Wild Question Revealed!

As a nature lover and avid observer of squirrels, I have explored their behaviors across the globe. Have you ever asked yourself “Do squirrels eat deer corn?” Well, now I’m here to answer this wild question and explore the reality behind it. With my expertise and experience, I can reveal if squirrels actually enjoy eating deer corn!

Do Squirrels Eat Deer Corn?

Squirrels, like deer, mice, and raccoons, are drawn to feed on corn. Corn is a valuable source of nutrients to squirrels and other animals, enabling them to thrive in their habitats. In addition to eating corn directly from the plant or cob, squirrels may also feed on deer corn if they find the deer feeder.

What Nutrients Does Corn Provide Squirrels?

Corn is packed with important vitamins and minerals that help squirrels stay healthy. As a high-energy food, it provides carbohydrates which are a key component of an animal’s diet. Additionally, corn contains protein and dietary fiber which aid in digestion and metabolic processing. Moreover, deer corn also contains essential micronutrients such as vitamin A and B-complex vitamins.

Apart from providing essential nutrients to squirrels, deer corn can help keep up their energy levels during the winter when other food sources may be scarce. As such, it is beneficial for squirrels to snack on deer corn during this time.

Do Squirrels Prefer Corn or Other Foods?

It is difficult to say whether squirrels prefer corn above all else because they tend to eat whatever they can find in their environment. However, research has shown that they do consume more acorns during autumn months compared to other foods.

Besides acorns, one of the primary components of a squirrel’s diet includes a variety of nuts such as walnuts, beechnuts and hickory nuts. Squirrels will also ingest maize (corn), but overwhelmingly prefer acorns when given the choice.

How Can You Feed Squirrels Deer Corn?

If you’re looking for ways to attract your local squirrel population to your garden or backyard then feeding them deer corn is one way you can accomplish this goal.

You can buy deer corn from agricultural stores or online platforms where it is sold specifically for feeding wildlife creatures like birds, raccoons and squirrels. All you need to do is scatter a few pieces of corn in designated areas that are easily accessible by squirrels – such as near bird feeders – and wait for them to start snacking!

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Squirrels Deer Corn?

  • Provides Essential Vitamins & Minerals:As mentioned earlier, deer corn contains important vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for squirrel health. By providing them with these vital nutrients they’ll be able to better survive in their environment compared to if they didn’t have access to deer corn at all.
  • Attract Local Squirrels:Feeding local squirrels deer corn not only attracts them into your garden or backyard but also encourages them return day after day once they realize the reliable source of food you’ve provided them with.

What Are The Risks Of Feeding Deer Corn To Squirrels?

  • Makes Them Too Dependent On Humans For Food: Feeding wild animals becomes problematic when they become too dependent on humans for sustenance since natural instincts start diminishing over time due to lack of exercise and proper nutrition acquired from foraging for themselves.
  • Invites Unwanted Guests: By feeding wildlife like squirrels you may inadvertently invite unwanted guests into your home such as raccoons who could potentially cause damage or bring disease into your property.

What Else Can You Feed Squirrels?

  • Fruits & Vegetables: In addition to feeding wild animals deer corn it’s important not forget about other sources of nutrition as well. Fruits such as apples or pears provide essential vitamins while vegetables ranging from kale greens or carrots provide necessary minerals needed by any creature.
  • Nuts & Seeds: Of course no wild creature diet would be complete without incorporating nuts & seeds into their daily diet either! From almonds and walnuts to sunflower seeds – there are many options available depending on what type of nut or seed you prefer offering these little critters!


What should not be given to squirrels as food?

It’s important to remember that squirrels are not omnivorous animals and should not be fed human food. Feeding them will also attract rodents, so it’s best avoided. Avoid giving them treats such as processed foods, sweets, chocolate, peanuts, or corn. Additionally, avoid feeding them meats, dairy products, and fats. Lastly, nuts should only be fed in moderation.

What can I do to stop squirrels from getting to my deer corn?

Keeping squirrels away from deer corn can be a challenge, but there are steps you can take to deter them. Start by making sure the area around your deer feeder is well maintained; mow grass regularly and remove any debris or tall foliage that could be hiding places for the critters. You may also want to spray water with peppermint oil or garlic on the feeder and surrounding area as a scent repellent. Additionally, hang metallic or aluminum strips near the feeder as an additional deterrent, as the noise and reflective surfaces are unpleasant to squirrels. >

What do squirrels dislike or not enjoy?

Squirrels detest scents that are unpleasant to them, such as garlic and peppermint. To protect plants and flowers, one should spray them with water and sprinkle pepper or peppermint oil. This strong-smelling combination will keep away most kinds of squirrels.


In conclusion, the answer to the question “Do squirrels eat deer corn?” is yes. Squirrels are opportunistic and they will eat deer corn if they find it. It cannot be denied that deer corn can be an interesting source of food for squirrels in certain circumstances.

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