When Is Squirrel Mating Season (Expert Insights)

It’s normal to be curious about when squirrels mate. After all, they are an integral part of nature. As an expert on squirrels who has observed and interacted with them around the world, I’ve discovered that their mating season is quite fascinating. In this blog post, I’ll dive into the details of when is the best time for squirrels to mate and uncover the mysteries of their mating season.

Squirrels typically mate twice a year: once between December and February, and again in late June through August. During mating season, males will compete for the attention of female squirrels by engaging in behavior such as chasing or vocalizing. Both male and female squirrels may delay mating until the following season if food is scarce or temperatures too cold.

When is Squirrel Mating Season?

Squirrel mating happens twice a year, once between December and February, and then again between late June and August. These periods of copulation are discreetly timed to align with the best seasonally available resources needed to raise a healthy litter.

Males compete for female attention during mating season by engaging in a variety of behaviors. These activities include chasing, vocalizing, and occasionally delaying mating until the following season if food is scarce or temperatures too cold.

Mating Variation by Species

Different species of squirrels vary in their mating patterns. For example, Eastern Grey Squirrels mate twice a year, in January and June. Flying Squirrels, on the other hand, can mate up to four times per year. Red and Fox Squirrels typically only mate once a year, during late winter or early spring. Social behavior also varies by species, with some displaying monogamy while others favor polygamous mating habits.

The Mating Process

Squirrels have one primary mating season in late winter or early spring. Males often compete for mates by chasing each other around, jumping onto the female and posturing. After finding a successful mate, squirrels usually form monogamous relationships. The most popular species of squirrel – grey squirrels – are known to practice polygyny, where a single male may mate with multiple females.

Nesting Behavior

Female squirrels build nests in tree cavities, specially constructed containers for squirrels (squirrel boxes) or leaf nests to rear their young. This nesting behavior is essential for the health of newborn squirrels who would otherwise perish from starvation or dehydration without their mother’s care.

  • Tree Cavity/Trunk Nests
  • Leaf Nests
  • Squirrel Boxes

Baby Squirrels

An average litter consists of three babies but as many as nine may be born at once. After being born naked and blind, mothers nurse them every few hours for several weeks until they develop fur, open their eyes and begin to eat solid foods. By 10 weeks old they have fully grown teeth enabling them to give up suckling. Shortly after they leave the nest to build dreys (dens) of their own.

If space permits, baby squirrels will stay near their mother after maturity; however if an area is crowded with other squirrels they will be driven away in search for a less packed feeding ground.

Predator Avoidance and Co-Existence

Squirrels are social creatures that look out for each other. When they find themselves in crowded feeding regions, they use warning calls to alert one another to potential predators such as cats and birds of prey. By working together and keeping vigilant, these groups of squirrels can survive and thrive in these higher-risk areas.

  1. “Chirps” alerting group members to nearby predators.
  2. “Scolding Calls” used by dominant individuals when scolding subordinate group members.
  3. “Begging Calls” used as a communal warning call upon spotting predators.

Nutrition and Diet for Baby Squirrels

A healthy diet rich in mast – including wild tree fruits, nuts such as acorns, walnuts and hickory nuts – is essential for development during infancy. Intermittent fasting can also bring about benefits both in terms of preventing diseases such as diabetes along with reducing inflammation brought on by oxidative stressors.

  • “Mast”: Wild tree fruits & nuts such as Acorns, Walnuts & Hickory nuts.
  • “Intermittent Fasting”: Improve blood pressure control & insulin resistance while reducing inflammation.


How can I tell if a squirrel is in its reproductive cycle?

Monitoring your squirrel’s estrous cycle is the primary way to determine if she is in heat. During her cycle, female squirrels may display signs of being receptive to mating, such as increased vocalisation, the secretion of pheromones, and tail-flagging. By noting these behaviors you can tell when your squirrel is ready to mate.

When do gray squirrels typically reproduce?

Grey squirrels mate during the autumn months, typically between late October and early December. During this time, female grey squirrels enter estrus, a time period in which they become receptive to mating. The females release certain scents that peak around this time and are used to attract males.

What behavior do squirrels display during mating season?

When squirrels are in heat, they experience a period of heightened sexual activity. To attract potential mates and express their interest, they may become more active than usual, emitting scents that trigger mating behaviours. Additionally, they may engage in specific actions such as chirping, tail-flicking and body-cavorting to signal their readiness to mate.


It is clear that squirrels mate twice a year, making it possible to pinpoint when they will be in their mating season. Squirrels mate between December and February and again in late June through August. However, depending on the conditions, male and female squirrels may delay mating until the following season. Thus, when it comes to answering the question of “when is squirrel mating season?” It can be declared that it takes place twice a year in milder climates.

Mating season for squirrels is an interesting time to observe wildlife. Male squirrels are known to chase or vocalize in an attempt to attract female mates. Although food scarcity or cold temperatures can prevent mating from occurring at certain times of the year, understanding when is squirrel mating season can help people gain a greater appreciation for these small mammals.

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